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In your twenties, life is about completing the ultimate trifecta of the A-B-C.

In no particular order we’re always looking for an Apartment, looking for a Boyfriend, or looking for a Career. To have one is luck, to have two is smarts, to have all three is damn near impossible.

But now that I’ve managed to finesse my way into a man’s heart, I have to somehow use that same charm and persuasion to finesse my way into employment. If it’s not already clear, my true love is to write. It is to share stories and find words that match feelings and play on words that conceptualize different moods; my writing is short and sweet, simple and sexy.

However, as a multi-media millennial I am not limited to only freeform writing. In college I studied film and video editing, pre and post production work, wrote scripts for a magazine style talkshow and was a beat writer for the Hispanic culture on campus. I even had a YouTube channel once but that is still a work in progress.

I graduated Class of 2016 with a BA in Communications, an emphasis on Journalism. My ~current~ dream is to have my own column and write for publications like The New Yorker or The Los Angeles Times or Teen Vogue. I’m thinking Selena Quintanilla meets Sex and the City meets Daria.

On my academic quest of exploring the different capacities of journalism, I found that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career path. My first internship was at a sports writing blog which turned out to be very difficult as I had no background (or real knowledge then) in sports. My second internship was purely for traveling purposes. I spent a summer in Spain working at an online travel blog where I had a Spanish love affair. My third internship was at a major broadcast company in Los Angeles and this is where I left my last, most current step in journalism.

As you can see, I’ve been all over the place but it’s still difficult for me to chose one direct path when I’m interested in it all. That’s why this little blog is here to help me. I’m hoping I can perfect my craft in writing while still being able to post different media platforms on this site. Sooner or later I’ll be sharing my own digital work that shows I can work with video and photo editing software. Eventually, I’ll also start to market my blog through hyperlinking different content and endorsing my social media. The goal is to get noticed and who knows, maybe one day become viral.

 But until then my virtual friends, the job search continues! 

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