A Descriptive Entry

Source: @sivan.ka

Dedicated to my man who is not really my man

His shoulders, broader than a mountain range; at six feet and one inch off the ground there wasn’t an ounce of body fat on him. His skin, brown like the stem of flower but soft like its petal, is my favorite part of him.

A few tattoos distinguish him from others; his mother’s maiden name and father’s last name juxtaposed on each tricep, his mother and sister’s first name in between a bed of roses on his right bicep, and a matching “Est. 1991” to his brother’s “Est. 1984” on their respective ribcage. True to his Mexican heritage and completing his collection is the phrase “Familia es Primera” inked across his chest.

The dominant male trait of his family is a nose that’s too big for their face. Distinctive, large and even a uncle only known as “Nariz”.

A single mole dotted on his upper right cheek is the smallest feature on his face. His dimples were even larger than his birthmark. His hard, masculine facial traits could be rough on the eyes but to me they balanced out well.

To be honest actually, I wasn’t even attracted to him when we first met. It was his persistence; his consistent effort to talk to me, to go out of his way to visit me while I was at work and approach me still while he was working that attracted me. I became more in awe of him through his personality.

If his superpower was to make people at ease then it was my kryptonite. He was so easy to be around, like I never had to try to impress him. Our characters different but they complemented each other. Where sports and athleticism rule his world, arts and beauty rule mine.

Recently I bought a book on astrology and read that our signs are compatible in the sense we are polar opposites. Our law of attraction is that my fixed earth sign Taurus and his fixed water sign Scorpio attract each other because we fulfill what the other lacks. Still, as I continue to learn more about him we will see if this forecasting is true.

In his inner sphere where I’ve meticulously tipped toed into his life I’ve learned that he prefers the intimacy of a relationship, that is, staying inside and spending time alone away from outside influences.

In his outer sphere he has always been competitive and has always been up to no good. A notorious group of friends from what I’ve heard, that do everything together. Imagine, him and five of his male friends went on a Euro trip last winter! Exactly.

But, alas, I have the privilege of saying he opened his bottle of wine that he brought back from Portugal on the first night we spent with each other.

Now that I’ve gone off on a tangent I think I’ll end here. To me, he is the version that the is diminutive of his first name, but to everyone else he is the diminutive of his last name, which is also a fruit turned into a cookie bar (care to take a guess?).

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